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Service users and Sponsors in SFIncS r/3

In SFIncS r/3, service users and the sponsors who fund their care are treated separately.

As you can see, some service users may also be sponsors if they fund their own care (either in full or in part).

Separating service users and sponsors allows complete flexibility when assigning (or linking) service users to the sponsors who fund them (the arrows indicate the direction of the funding).

Service user – Sponsor assignments are simply defined and can be changed at any time. They ensure that we always allocate billing charges and fee receipts to the correct service user and sponsor. Importantly, this also provides the ability to group and view fee income data from the service user perspective, the sponsor perspective or both.  

Service user continuous billing profiles

In SFIncS r/3, it’s possible to assign an unlimited number of different charges to each service user …

… and you again have complete flexibility when defining which sponsor(s) fund those charges.

Here we see that Betty pays for her own Residential Care and Top Up fee, NHS CHC funds Jack’s Nursing: General care, Local Authority ‘B’ funds Jack’s Nursing: Night care, Jack pays for his own Extra medication but Jack and Local Authority ‘B’ share the cost of his Extra equipment.

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