Features & Benefits

Bespoke functionality

SFIncS r/3 is not an accounting system; it’s only concern is your fee income. It’s been specifically designed and developed to completely streamline the fee income management process for residential and nursing care homes; it does everything you need to do with regard to fee income with ease.

If you use any accounting software, SFIncS r/3 integrates easily and does all the things that accounting software just can’t manage for your fee income, which is rather a lot (as you’ll know). And if you don’t use accounting software, SFIncS r/3 is quite happy to stand alone.

So think of SFIncS r/3 as you do your payroll – a separate but related system that does its job supremely well.

Service users & sponsors

By providing separation of responsibilities for your service users (who you care for) and sponsors (who pay you), SFIncS r/3 supports complete flexibility of service user/sponsor relationships. And in case you were wondering, a service user may also be a sponsor, so can be self funding.

Billing in general

SFIncS r/3 offers Continuous Billing to manage regular or recurring charges for service users and Ad Hoc and/or Cashbox functionality for one-off or incidental charges.

Unlimited charge profiles

Within continuous billing, any number of user defined charges may be assigned to each service user/sponsor relationship, by date, for any period of time. So each service user charge profile is essentially unlimited, making it possible to define multiple sponsors paying multiple charges at multiple rates, which may or may not run concurrently, for independent or overlapping periods.

Completely flexible invoicing

SFIncS r/3 allows you to invoice any sponsor, at any time, for any charges, for any dependent service user, for any period of time that the charges are current.   

Continuous billing

For each service user our incredible continuous billing functionality allows you to maintain open billing lines for an unlimited number of sponsors, with unlimited charges and rates possible for each sponsor.

It’s brilliantly simple – only charge start points need to be maintained – and all sponsor charges for the service user (including historic) are shown on just one screen. The historic billing totals are selectable and their breakdown (by date and sponsor) is shown alongside.

Billing lines remain open (the charge is active) until changed or terminated; there’s no need to do anything else.

It eliminates all the hassle from the billing process. It’s not possible to bill your service users more efficiently than this.

Superfast receipts

Recording receipts is a breeze too. Because almost all receipts for any sponsor/service user group or individual are the same as the last, a powerful copy function reduces receipt entry to just six clicks, making it both lightning quick and drastically reducing errors. Even multi-line receipts for sponsors paying for multiple service users (like Local Authorities) take only seconds to process.

Balance driven

SFIncS r/3 employs the Balance Forward principle (like your bank account) for tracking and managing sponsor and service user accounts. It’s the perfect fit for our unique continuous billing software and your fee income.

Unlike other systems which use the old Open Item method, you don’t have to waste lots of time and effort pointlessly creating invoices and matching them to receipts. Balance forward systems have evolved with technology and now allow businesses like yours to manage their finances much more efficiently and accurately.

Don’t worry if you need to produce invoices for certain sponsors, SFIncS r/3 can do that too. It also provides the option to create receipts based on those invoices (with just a few clicks) when they’re paid.

Reports, views and graphs.

One of the most important roles of a fee income system is to show who owes you money (or vice-versa) and for what.

Reports, including balances, statements and KPIs (like occupancy %) do just that, and bring absolute clarity as to how your business is performing with regard to fee income.

Combined with stunning drill-down views of your data, they allow you to analyse your income in detail by selecting the service users, sponsors, billing types and charges you want to see. You can even look into the future, with earnings projections that will amaze and delight you. And they also provide the polished image you need to project to your sponsors and service users.



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