Better by Design: A Fee Income System especially for Residential and Nursing Care Homes

We’ve analysed every aspect of fee income processing to the nth degree and developed a bespoke solution that delivers simplicity and ease of use coupled with speed, flexibility and accuracy – all in one outstanding application package.

SFIncS r/3 is the ultimate fee income management and control system.

A bespoke system designed to be simple, efficient and easy to use.

Simplicity is the essence of sophistication, and SFIncS r/3 is the simplest fee income monitoring and control system that is both extraordinarily quick and easy to use.

And completely eradicating missed, underpaid or overpaid income receipts provides the comfort and security of knowing that your service user and sponsor balances are absolutely correct.

Its intelligent simplicity of design and absolutely minimal data entry requirements give it not only unmatched performance, but also 100% accuracy aligned with absolutely minimal cost of use.

Reports and views allow you to see your data with complete clarity from any perspective, from spotting minor disparities right up to discerning the broader trends that affect your entire business.

As if that weren’t enough, SFIncS r/3 also helps tailor your fees by offering infinite flexibility in the charges you apply, allowing you to effortless maintain unique billing profiles – unlimited in variety – for each of your service users and their sponsors.

Which makes SFIncS r/3 both indispensable and a joy to use.



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